Journal 6

Prompt 1:

Rhymed Couplets:

The diner is where we hang out,

hear what the town talks about.

Not food your mother could bake;

french fries, burgers, and a shake.

Poodle skirts are what the girls wear,

cans of hairspray in their hair.

I crave it as soon as I wake –

french fries, burgers, and a shake.

Hand jiving to jukebox music,

in a cadillac we cruise it.

Wearing all leather on my date,

French fries, burgers, and a shake.


French fires, burgers, and a shake,

having lunch by the lake.

A fish jumped out the water

and got all over my daughter,

now she’s so mad she could shake.

Iambic tetrameter:

The place to be on Friday night,

burgers and fries and seeing guys.

I see him there hanging with friends.

He turns and sees me at the door,

gets up and makes his way towards me –

I hope he asks me to the prom!